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Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is needed to maintain optimal muscle health. Targeting the right areas is important to ensure that the muscle can free itself and move smoothly. Scar tissues can be gotten rid of. Knots in muscles that have been developed through overuse and activity can be smoothened out.



Neurokinetic Therapy

Injuries lead to long standing muscle compensations. Even after recovery, despite having no pain, certain muscles remain inactive as a result of these compensations. Neurokinetic therapy seeks to find these muscles, reactivate them and reteach the body to perform motion correctly again.


Active Isolated Stretching

This is a form of stretching developed by Aaron Mattes from Florida. It effectively helps to lengthen the muscles using the properties of muscles and help to achieve less stiffness and a greater range of motion. This differs from passive stretching which involves holding a stretch for longer than 30 seconds.


Methods used in therapy are effective in dealing with the problems you are facing. We have found these methods to be the best in helping athletes to maintain their physical condition to excel in their sports.

What else we provide?


House Calls

Clients may choose the option of house calls which maximises convenience. The therapist will show up at your place with all equipment provided for therapy

Meet the team

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Our team

Eugene Tan
Manual Therapist



Itec level 3 diploma in Sports Massage

Neurokinetic Level 1

Active Isolated Stretching Foundation level

Kinesiotaping international Level 1/2


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